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tree surgeon services

Our network of qualified tree surgeons offer a full array of services and can attend to all of your tree related
issues. Here are some of the most common jobs we complete for our clients, if you are looking for
something which is not listed here then please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your exact
requirements and receive a free, no obligation quote.

Tree Felling
If your tree has been damaged, died, become diseased or dangerous you may need to get the tree
completely removed, this is called Tree Felling. Although this is a common practice
there are lots of potential hazards involved and a risk assessment needs to take place so it is not
something you would want to attempt yourself. We will either fell the tree directionally, or sectionally
depending on the available space and size of the tree.

Tree Maintenance and Pruning
In order to keep your tree healthy and looking its best at all times you should regularly maintain the tree, a
yearly prune prevents overgrowth, potential hazards with telephone and power lines and improves the look of
your tree. There are various methods of pruning available such as crown reduction, crown thinning and
shaping and a tree surgeon can assist in making an assessment that will help you get the most out of your

Dead Wooding
To ensure your tree is safe and healthy at all times you should minimise the amount of dead wood such as
branches on the tree. This will prevent any further damage happening to your tree, especially in bad weather
conditions, being prepared can save you money and your tree!

Tree Thinning
If you feel your tree is blocking out too much light instead of removing the tree, selective pruning and
thinning could alleviate this problem whilst making the tree healthier.

Hedge Management
As part of the full service we offer we can also assist with the management of your hedges, conifers and
bushes, whether its a simple trim at the end of the season or a thorough reshaping.

Tree Planting
Planting trees requires careful planning and a large degree of attention. There are lots of things to consider
regarding the location and type of trees, you do not want to plant a species with fast growing roots near to
the foundations of your house. Further to this the soil and conditions need to be right for your young tree to
thrive, we can take out all of the hassle and complete the job for you.