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Tree Felling Cost & Quotes

What is tree felling?
Tree felling is one of the most commonly requested services offered by tree surgeons, and refers to the complete cutting down of individual trees. Tree felling is a hazardous process, and requires a skilled professional to do the job efficiently and safely.
A tree may need to be felled for several reasons. Firstly, it is often required for industry purposes, as felling is the first step in the process of logging. This type of work would typically be carried out on public land, in parks and forests across the country. Secondly, tree felling is also often required on private land. A tree may have become overgrown, sick or in some way hazardous and so the owner of the land will want to have it removed before the situation worsens. Alternatively, they may simply be planning to re-landscape and need trees removed as part of the overhaul.
Trees are felled either manually – known as ‘hand felling’ – by individuals using an axe or chainsaw, or they’re felled mechanically with a vehicle known as a ‘feller buncher’.

Can I fell a tree myself?
It is never advisable for inexperienced individuals to attempt to cut a tree down by themselves. As well as the obvious dangers that come with using tree felling equipment such as chainsaws and axes, without the appropriate training it can be almost impossible to judge where the tree is likely to fall – which could result in serious injury and damage. Even if the tree is successfully cut down, then removal of the stump and disposal of the wood are all additional factors that require expert knowledge. On top of all of this, there are also some laws relating to tree felling and wood disposal, which professionals will be aware of.
You may think you are saving money by cutting a tree down by yourself, but the necessary equipment hire that you will need will still be pricey. It is therefore always advisable to hire a professional tree surgeon to complete the job for you.

Tree Felling Cost
The cost of felling a tree will depend on a number of factors. These include;

  • The size and species of tree – larger trees tend to cost more.
  • How accessible the tree is – if it’s difficult to get to expect to pay out more.
  • The overhang – e.g. if your tree is overhanging a house, garage, fence etc.
  • Disposing of waste – if you can do this yourself then you can save some money

Prices can vary from £450 to £3,000, but on average you can expect to pay between £600 – £700. Essentially anything that makes the job more tricky will drive up costs. You can get a free no obligation quote from us by filling in the form.