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Benefits Of Using A Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery can be a hazardous and dangerous job. To be done properly it should be undertaken by a trained and qualified professional who will have the experience, competency and the equipment to complete the job safely.

When you hire a tree surgeon you’ll be getting someone that will be able to diagnose problems and diseases in trees. They will also be able to improve the aesthetics of a tree without implicating the plant’s long term health, and in some circumstances tree surgeons will be able to salvage trees from dying.

For any tree related work or project it is always best to consult a qualified tree surgeon for advice.

The Cost Of Tree Surgery

The cost of hiring a tree surgeon will vary depending on a number of factors including how many trees need to be worked on, the size of the tree and how easily accessible the tree is, a job in which the tree is difficult to reach is usually going to cost more. Below we have given an approximate guide to a few services.

  • Small tree removal – £120. Provided there are no obstacles in the way.
  • Larger trees – £450 to £3,000. The price again depends on the amount of work required and how many tree surgeons will be working on it. On average it will usually cost £600-£700.
  • Stump Grinding – costs can vary between £130 to £300.
  • Garden clearance – £40 an hour. Garden clearance will usually cost around £40 p/h or £200 per person per day.

To find the best price for in your area, it is advisable consult several different tree surgeons to ensure that you are getting the most accurate, fair price.